I LOVE WAXING. Some may find that a little weird but I find it cleansing like a sigh of relief or like extracting a blackhead (another favourite treatment of mine!). My waxing services are gender neutral so please book in for whatever you like, knowing you will be treated with care and respect. Wherever there’s hair, I can remove it.

I source my wax from Jax Wax Australia their waxes are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly and contain the finest natural products including almond, coconut, olive and peach oils. 

All waxing services can be purchased in a package. Pay for 4 get 1 more free!
Standard Waxing

Eyebrow Wax $35

Upper Lip Wax $15

Chin Wax $15

Chin and Upper Lip Wax $25

Nostrils $15

Ears $15

Nostrils and Ears $25

Full Face Wax (Brows not included) $40

Full Face AND Eyebrow Wax $60

Half Leg Wax $38

3/4 Leg Wax  $45

Full Leg Wax  $60

Standard Bikini Wax  $30

Extended Bikini Wax  $40

Brazilian Wax  $64

Bum Wax (We wax EVERYTHING on the butt) $45

Lower Back Wax  $30

Back Wax $45

Chest Wax  $35

Chest and Stomach Wax  $55

Half Arm Wax  $30

Full Arm Wax $38

Thigh Wax  $38

Underarm Wax  $25


Waxing Combos

Full Leg and Standard Bikini Wax  $80

Full Leg and Extended Bikini Wax  $90

Full Leg and Brazilian Wax  $114

Half Leg and Standard Bikini Wax  $58

Half Leg and Extended Bikini Wax  $68

Half Leg and Brazilian Wax  $92

Thigh and Standard Bikini Wax  $60

Thigh and Extended Bikini Wax  $68

Thigh and Brazilian wax  $92